Capacity building of the financial ecosystem and its participants to improve innovative
SMEs’ access to alternative forms of financing in Europe.
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Why and How?

Alternative financing (AF) for businesses across Europe has increased considerably in recent years, becoming an important source of finance for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. However, access to AF varies considerably across Europe with Southern, Central and Easter European regions lagging behind Northern and Western European regions in terms of AF volume (total and per capita). To bridge this gap, ALTFInator will facilitate the transfer of best practices from more advanced to less advanced markets. We will design, develop and implement a capacity-building strategy for the financial ecosystem and its participants in South, Central and Eastern European countries to improve the provision and absorption of AF.

Target groups

Alternative financing providers

Providers of reward, equity-based, real estate, profit-sharing crowdfunding, P2P business lending, invoice trading, debt-based securities, online marketplace, balance sheet business lending, business angel networks, venture capital funds

Traditional financial suppliers

National promotional banks and institutions, central banks, national innovation agencies


Initiatives, frameworks, networks and structures supporting SMEs awareness, understanding and access to AF


Improve innovative SMEs' awareness and understanding of the types of AF available according to their circumstances and development phase and develop ways of matching businesses to AF schemes and providers

Policy makers

Government bodies regulating, establishing policies and measures for improving SMEs access to finance


National, regional, international, sectorial, thematic frameworks bringing together the target groups and (among other services) improving SMEs access to finance

General public

Potential investors through alternative funding providers

Main activities and expected outcomes

To improve access to AF in target countries, ALTFInator will deliver the following activities.

Project team

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ALTFInator has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 792040

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