Altfinator: Capacity Building Strategy validated to foster the usage of alternative financing among SMEs
Altfinator: Capacity Building Strategy validated to foster the usage of alternative financing among SMEs
The vision of the Altfinator project is to implement capacity-building activities for the alternative financing ecosystem and improve innovative SME’s access to alternative forms of finance in Europe with focus on South Europe and Central-Eastern Europe. Altfinator envisions a future where SMEs are able to reach these goals in all stages of their development, meaning to have access to wide range of alternative financial instruments.
The Altfinator strategy created in the frame of the Altfinator project aims at addressing this challenge. The strategy creation process was a highly complex task, where the consortium members, as well as high-level experts were involved in the field of alternative financing. As a result, after preparing the first version of the strategy, the validation process was done in the frame of Validation Group Meetings, which took place in Bratislava on the 26th September, in Budapest on the 4th October, and in Milan on the 9th October 2018.
The concept upon which the strategy is built rests on a 3-level approach (global, national and outreach) and a toolkit is developed centrally in order to build synergies between the countries and coordinate actions. National stakeholders may, therefore, choose from direct options within this toolbox, benefit from central actions and services, and customize their country level actions. The objective is to maximise the impact on the financial ecosystem and engage local stakeholders.
According to our strategy we organized implementation plans into a three-level structure:
  1. Global actions
  2. Outreach level management: outreach-level approach leverages on the links created between partner countries and outreach countries
  3. Country level implementation plans: the majority of capacity building actions will be implemented on country level
The implementation plan contains specific tools and topics to implement in each country, as well as a description of the Altfinator Hubs, a structure put in place to coordinate activities at the national-level.
The strategy will be continuously updated during the implementation of the country level plans according to the ongoing evaluation. In particular, the next update of the strategy is scheduled for October, 2019 of the project.
The current, full version of the Validated Capacity Building Strategy is available here.
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