Altfinator’s engagement and capacity building activities
Altfinator’s engagement and capacity building activities
The main objective of the Altfinator project is to design, develop and implement country-level plans to increase the capacity of the financial ecosystem and its participants in the different target countries. For this reason, multiple events and activities will be carried out throughout the project to engage and broaden the Alternative Financing community in Europe.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in general form the backbone of the EU28 economy representing over 99% of businesses in the EU. The competitiveness and growth of the European economy depends directly on the competitiveness and growth of the SMEs. However, many of them are facing important issues in the search for financing and therefore many European-born innovative SMEs fail to grow domestically and scale up internationally.
The difficulties of accessing bank loans are particularly affecting smaller and younger companies. Consequently, the emergence and use of different forms of Alternative Financing (AF) must be promoted within the financial ecosystem in order to facilitate the access of European SMEs to financing and boost its competitiveness around the world.
Altfinator project has been designed to enhance the potential of the different alternative sources of financing by improving SMEs access. Therefore, a set of activities and events have been scheduled for the next months, including among others:
  • 2 International Best Practice Workshops: Altfinator will organise a set of international workshops to:
    • Facilitate the exchange of best practices about regulatory and other measures aiming to make it easier for innovative SMEs to diversify their sources of financing.
    • Replication (adaption, adjustment and localization) of successful approaches to encouraging the take-up of alternative finance by innovative SMEs
    • Facilitating experience and best practice exchange between the participants.
  • 8 National Workshops: National workshops are organised to sensitise and improve capacity of financial suppliers such as National Promotional Institutions, Banks and enablers, National Central Banks, national innovation agencies providing finance and Public authorities about the potential of alternative finance.
  • MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses greatly support the objective to educate and connect people in the AF ecosystem that need to be trained. Their target audience comprises: AF providers (incumbent and potential new entrants), AF multipliers, incubators, local facilitating institutions, institutional investors, policymakers, advisors and consultants of SMEs.
The courses focus on a number of Alternative Finance topics and are organized as follows:
  • A set of 27 videos (frontal lectures)
  • 2 tutorial/Q&A sessions for helping the participants
  • 1 meetup session of students for joint work and mutual help
MOOCs will be delivered in 2 different editions in September 2019 and in February 2020.
  • Webinars: For group coaching and mentoring of SMEs on different topics. The sessions will be recorded and made available through the project platform.
In addition, Altfinator project will participate in different events promoting alternative financing, and will hold public roundtables, one working breakfast in the European Parliament and promote different success stories of European SMEs. All accompanied by international awareness raising and capacity building campaigns.

If you want to be informed of all the events we are preparing, please go to the events tab on the project’s website:
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