Public Results

D5.1. Monitoring and impact assessment plan The monitoring and assessment plan of the Altfinator project “Improving access by innovative SMEs to alternative forms of finance”, will provide guidelines to create the two “Monitoring and impact assessment reports.” The plan includes: Objectives to be achieved by impact monitoring and assessment; A list of impacts to be monitored; Identification and selection of relevant indicators; Methodologies to measure the progress; Monitoring time-plan; Input mechanisms to feed into the Altfinator communication plan as well as the Capacitybuilding strategy and implementation plan. Download
D2.2. List of selected best practices with their main features We identified several best practices, which deals with alternative financing in the benchmark countries. Based on the relevance of best practices (like the amount raised so far, the number of SMEs they reached, the average deal size), we selected the most relevant ones. Besides collecting the most important best practices, the project partners also listed the relevant experts in their countries. After analyzing the best practices with desk research, it was clear, that there is a more detailed analysis by expert interviews needed in order to collect qualitative information. Download
D2.3. Initial capacity-building strategy and implementation plan Altfinator project is brought to life to facilitate the improvement of innovative SMEs access to alternative financing through capacity building of the financial ecosystem and its participants in the countries where the potential for improvement is the highest (South-Europe and Central and Eastern Europe). To effectively target activities, a capacity building strategy for the project is needed. The aim of this report was to formulate such a strategy which will be further validated and updated. The strategy will be implemented at three levels as shown in the diagram below. Download
D2.4. Validated capacity-building strategy and implementation plan Alternative financing (AF) can play an important role in bridging the financing gap that can be observed at the seed stage, but once obtaining initial funding, innovative SMEs / startups are more capable to attract further investments from other AF providers, that is, AF is also seen as a way to further promote the later-stage development of innovation-oriented projects. Download
D2.1 Report on Alternative Financing Ecosystem Alternative financing (AF) for businesses across Europe has increased considerably in recent years, becoming an important source of finance for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. However, access to AF varies considerably across Europe with Southern, Central and Easter European regions lagging behind Northern and Western European regions in terms of AF volume (total and per capita). To bridge this gap, Altfinator will facilitate the transfer of best practices from more advanced to less advanced markets. We will design, develop and implement a capacity-building strategy for the financial ecosystem and its participants in South, Central and Eastern European countries to improve the provision and absorption of AF. Download
D1.3 First Advisory Board Workshop - meeting minutes The first AB workshop aimed to offer a discussion forum where Advisory Board members addressed the current state of alternative financing of their region, discussed the gaps and best practices, provided input for Altfinator strategy development. Download
D3.3 Altfinator Basic Web Altfinator basic website will allow world-wide access to all dissemination documents and presentations. Information regarding project’s events, workshops and meetings will be uploaded within reasonable time to allow the widest possible participation. The website will be updated on a regular basis with news, relevant findings, achievements and content extracted from the project deliverables and reports. Download
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